Air & Cosmos

Air-Cosmos.com gives an in-depth overview into the Airline, Aerospace and Defense Industries. The website is the online version of the print publication Air & Cosmos, launched in 1963 and considered as a most trustworthy source of information in France.


AeroWeb is one of the first independent airline portals in France, with more than one million unique users in 2008.


AEROCONTACT.COM is the leading French Aeronautic information and recruitment portal. Founded in 2002, the website is a daily source of information for the aerospace and airline industries.


ADVFN is the UK's number one stocks and shares Web site. With full real-time coverage of the London Stock Exchange, the euronext-liffe, OFEX, NASDAQ, Amex and NYSE, including FTSE, Dow and S&P indices, ADVFN provides professional quality information to the person on the street. ADVFN was established in the last quarter of 1999 and floated on AIM in March 2000. It now has over 300,000 registered users who generate in excess of 38 million page impressions a month.

The Manitoba Chinese Tribune

The Manitoba Chinese Tribune (MCT) is a bi-monthly magazine published primarily in Mandarin. The magazine is the most resourceful guide for the Chinese community resident in Canada's Manitoba province, helping them to meet their needs during the cultural transition. The magazine features original articles by local authors depicting the Chinese experience in Manitoba. In addition to its own web site, the magazine also has a print circulation of approximately 3,000 copies bi-monthly, with each issue proving to be in hot demand by its rapidly expanding readership. With hundreds of volunteers, MCT has been granted several awards by the National Ethnic Media Council of Canada, in 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

International Daily News

As the only English-language daily newspaper run by American Chinese, International Daily takes a look at both the natural and human landscapes in China, as well as provides a daily flow of news and information on China to its readers. International Daily is mainly circulated throughout the Los Angeles region. It is the first time for a Chinese American newspaper to enter the US mainstream media distribution channel. The paper has proven highly successful in being the voice of China, in delivery information about China and helping mainstream society discover the real China.

Minnesota Times

Minnesota Times was established in 2007 and is one of the Minnesota’s leading Chinese-language newspapers. The paper aims to advocate the core values of a democratic society: freedom, democracy, universal love and equality. In line with the mission of serving the community and the public good, the newspaper focuses on helping recent Chinese immigrants integrate into the mainstream society of the United States. Minnesota Times, by keeping its audience and clients first in mind, is committed to providing high quality news, professional editorials, well-designed advertisements and fine page printing and is highly regarded in the local Chinese community. The digital version and the website both facilitate access and add immensely to readership.

Norfolk Friends of Wind Power

Live green, share green.

Facilitating interaction in communities at the  threshold  between traditional and progressive thought. Linking green values in traditional settings in harmony with the new sources of power.


Schools24Hours.com is world’s only educational magazine that brings students, parents, teachers, principals and schools together to share their best practices.  Students can share their self-written literary content such as poems, article, models, puzzles, drawings and any other creative writings.  Schools can share their day-to-day activities, cultural functions, annual days celebrations, announcements, competitions, job requirements and any news related to their schools.

Sun Airlines

Sun Airlines is an aviation organization focused on providing quality aviation information. On the Sun Airlines site your can find detailed aircraft information and aviation related content. Sun Airlines will continue to showcase our enjoyment of aviation and develop innovative ideas to further enhance aviation's past, present and future.

PES Wind

One of the planet's most-read wind energy publications and portals, PES Wind delves deep into the sector with a unique mix of analysis, features, comment and technical articles. The regular roundtables attract some of the industry’s highest profile interviewees, and every issue features exclusive content from the biggest names in wind energy.

Naija Standard Newspaper

Naija Standard Newspaper is an online publication dedicated to investigative journalism, reflecting all sides of the story. Our goal is to educate, entertain and keep readers informed about issues of interest to Africans and the black American community.  Our mission is to redefine investigation journalism without fear or favor.  We have African regional offices in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with foreign headquarters in the US.

Newstime Africa

Newstime Africa (Africa’s Breaking News Center) was founded to bridge the information gap that exists around news coverage on Africa, and provide a balanced medium for Africans to get their news from one authoritative source. Newstime Africa has now become a global news organisation. With over 20 correspondents across Africa and around the world. Newstime Africa breaks the news as it happens in real time. For the latest news and information from across Africa – www.newstimeafrica.com


Kbuuk is an online book world for the modern reader and independent author. The platform offers an online retail bookstore as well as a centralized PubHub. The PubHub allows for simple .epub conversion and publication as well as the ability to distribute to third party retail channels. With social integration and a robust suite of analytic tools, reader/author engagement is enhanced and Kbuuk becomes the premier platform for readers to discover the hidden gems of the independent world, and for authors to refine their marketing and product strategy. Founded in 2011, Kbuuk is a privately held company headquartered in Houston, TX. For more information on Kbuuk, please visit  http://kbuuk.com/s/pr.

Property Overseas Today

Property Overseas Today is a website aimed at delivering daily overseas property news and information, compiled by leading international property journalists. Whether you are looking to buy a property abroad or already own a property abroad, stay in touch with the ever-changing overseas property market and gain independent expert advice from our team of overseas property experts.

Personal Finance Today

Personal Finance Today provides useful information and practical guidance on savings, investments, taxation, comparisons and planning for retirement. Our aim is offer a wide range of topics, both helpful & educational. Part of the Angels Media Group, Personal Finance Today is the 12th in a series of highly successful, consumer-focused 'Today' publications. Personal Finance Today provides regular newsletters, updates and alerts with in-depth features and regular columns.


Eindiadiary.com is designed to reflect the contributions and concerns of the people of India, their language, society, politics, education, health, economy, business and industry, tourism, public grievances, citizen services, inspiring success stories and anything and everything that affects them and has impacts on provincial and national public policy. Eindiadiary.com has fast entrenched itself in the lives of a young and dynamic readership on India in India and throughout the globe.

Kerala IT News

Kerala IT News is the one-stop shop for all IT news and IT-related jobs in Kerala. Our focus is IT in Kerala. It is a venture by an eminent journalist who has been covering Business and IT for over a decade and a half, with experience in Television, Print and Web.

The SME Times

The SME Times portal presents articles that provide actionable information for small business owners and their employees, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Profiles of entrepreneurs will be inspirational making you learn how to be one and progress to the next level. Our support to the small business community has resulted in an online discussion forum to share ideas and knowledge, ask questions, find help and encourage each other.

The Power Times

Our definitive portal, The Power Times, provides information and news on power generation, transmission and distribution entities. There is in-depth coverage of projects, contracts and business news, to technological innovations and improvements, and to future market trends. We offer technology-focused e-newsletters, company search via online product and company directories. Other facilities include job postings, events calendar, interactive news commentary, blogging, social media connections, technology basics and much more.

The Pharma Times

The Pharma Times portal provides pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and others in the industry with the most comprehensive suite of web-based tools and pharma information available. The vast pharmaceutical and biotech industry is comprehensively covered to keep you up-to-date on breaking news, company announcements, trends and analysis.

The Hotel Times

We are The Hotel Times, an online hospitality news portal providing quality information to hoteliers and industry consultants. The portal serves a worldwide audience of hospitality professionals, providing them with both daily updated content and interactive services. The site offers industry news, multimedia streamed features, discussion platforms, a recruitment centre, a supplier marketplace and several focus areas such as technology and sales & marketing.

The Property Times

At The Property Times we present real estate news, information, advice, research, opinion and commentary for industry professionals and consumers alike. We are dedicated to sharing input from industry professionals, articles on breaking news, and statistics showing exactly what’s going on in the market. With up-to-date news published by our organization, investors stay informed on local and national trends. A more informed decision leads to making higher net returns.

One News Page

One News Page is a leading global news portal that features original news coverage and syndicated news content from major trusted sources around the world. The website provides users with a powerful search engine to locate relevant news coverage easily, and has an extensive archive comprising of tens of millions of news stories worldwide. Access to the site is provided free of charge.

Solar Energy Directory

Solar Energy Directory is a fully searchable, human-edited directory for the entire solar energy industry. For more information on how to get listed, please visit solarenergydirectory.com.

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