nonsonoquitter - Beauty Musings

A Korean beauty blog chock full of makeup and skincare reviews, and recommendations to inspire and inform your choices.

The Mommy Rundown

The Mommy Rundown is a blog where moms can get real stories about the things we all deal with as parents. The site also shares news you can use, as well as product reviews and giveaways.

A Rear Facing Family

A Rear Facing Family is one passionate mom's blog about in-car safety, car seats, tips, reviews & advice. Dedicated to offering information about all areas of in-car safety and ensuring that all children get the safest ride possible, A Rear Facing Family strives to inform parents, care-givers and others about the many choices available, and the benefits of extended rear-facing (ERF) car seats.

A Rear Facing Family - because rear facing saves lives.

Swine & Swill

Swine & Swill celebrates spirits, craft beer, cocktails and pork. From toasting liquor holidays and reviewing spirits, craft beer and liqueurs to sharing recipes for everything from Palomas to pork chops, we love exploring every delicious aspect of drinking culture and porky eats, in Dallas and abroad. 

Electronic Parenting

Stop by and enjoy tips and tricks to raising kids in a digital era.

Plum Doodles

Plum Doodles presents easy to follow tutorials for imparting a French country look on a budget. Simple gluten-free recipes, product reviews, and faith lessons are also on the menu.

Join us for "a doodle of fun, faith, and furniture." 

B is 4

B is 4 is a lifestyle and family site that shares parenting tips, stories, crafts, recipes, reviews, giveaways and more.  We enjoy sharing our adventures with other families in hopes to inspire them and show them that life can get messy but be fun with all the blessings and bumps along the way.  We invite you to join us in our adventures!


IN LOVE WITH COSMETICS is a beauty website & blog, focusing on new makeup and skincare products, makeup artists, gurus and bloggers in the world.

Love & Biscotti

Catering to cosmopolitans, fashion aficionados and intellectuals, Love & Biscotti is Brittany “Bella” Graham’s self-proclaimed “purity bath.” Sharing her musings on fashion, philosophy, culture and spirituality, as well as her poetry, personal style and investigative editorials, Bella uses the platform to explore both light-hearted and deeper topics. A self-made marketing consultant, journalist and “digital nomad,” Bella also writes about her adventures in travel and dining, and career tips for creative professionals.

Diabetic Foodie

Diabetic Foodie strives to prove that a diabetes diagnosis is not a dietary death sentence by providing healthy recipes and tips. Even if you don’t have diabetes, you’ll love the food. Travel-related information and product reviews are occasionally featured.

Cookistry Reviews

If you love cooking and want to know about new cooking gadgets, small appliances and new food products, Cookistry Reviews does the testing and tasting and gives the pros and cons of every product. 

Munching on Books

Munching on Books is a hungry book review site that focuses on cookbooks, with a smattering of food-related fiction and non-fiction. Once in a while, Munching steps away from the table and wanders off to review books in other genres. 

Money Savvy Living

Money Savvy Living is a resource for budgeting and money saving tips on everything from trimming your grocery bill to building your savings for the future, family, faith, and living a healthy lifestyle.  It really is possible to live the good life… on a budget.  

Business Today

Business Today provides the latest news from the business world from India and around the world. The news can be accessed on the Web, WAP or Social Media. It has more than 1.1 million likes on Facebook. The website has visually appealing, engaging news content and reasonable page length. The website has sections including Stocks, Finances, Industry, Technology, Opinions, Features, and others.

Momma Without a Clue

Momma Without a Clue is a blog dedicated to all things “Mom,” from the messes and the fights to the joy and wonderment… and everything in between. We offer tips, advice, recipes, reviews, and giveaways - anything to make a mom’s life easier, because every mom is clueless at some point!

India Today

India Today provides the latest news from politics, cricket, sports, business and cinema from India and around the world. The news can be accessed on the Web, WAP, Social Media or Smart Phone applications thereby reaching a wide variety of audiences. It has more than 6.5 million likes on Facebook. The website has visually appealing, engaging news content and reasonable page length. The India Today App is also available for every smart phone. Online users can read and consume news on the move.

Spit Up is the New Black

Spit Up is the New Black is a destination for fashion trends, women's and kid's products, travel, DIY crafts, giveaways, and tales of new parenting struggles. Follow this mom of two as she navigates motherhood in style, from leopard pumps to breast pumps.

Western Automotive Journalists

Western Automotive Journalists is an organization of over 80 professional writers, photographers and broadcasters who report on the automotive industry. Founded more than two decades ago, WAJ’s focus is rapidly emerging automotive technology.

Two Brothers One Journey

Two Brothers One Journey will give you an insight on what families go through raising children with autism.  We were just an ordinary family whose life took a journey we would never have imagined. Come join us on our journey through autism.


BreaGettingFit is all about focusing on total fitness - mind, body, and spirit. Yes, workouts are fun, but so is proper time management, nutrition, and finding time to play.

Embracing the Spectrum

Embracing the Spectrum is about our family’s everyday life with autism. The message we're promoting is one of love and acceptance of autism. Our hope is that Embracing the Spectrum will provide a place of support and advice for those who have family members and friends with autism.

Automotive Service Association

The Automotive Service Association is the largest, nonprofit trade association of its kind dedicated to automotive service and collision repair professionals. Founded to help auto shop owners change and grow their businesses, we are governed by the independent service and repair professionals themselves. 

What's New On The Net

What's New On The Net aims to inform the average online user of all the new developments in the world of the Internet. Bringing you up to Net Speed, is its tagline. So be it Internet-related news, views or the newest website, portal, blog or micro-blog, chat or search engine, smartphone or Web app to have hit cyberspace, you will find it here, all of it done using a combination of cutting-edge curation software and human editors.

Mama's Little Minions

We are a cloth-diapering, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, breastfeeding family who loves to be outdoors and exploring! Follow our journey as we become a full-time RV-living family. We make our lives as natural and organic and possible.

The New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers

The New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers (NJ CAR) was founded in 1918 and is a non-profit organization serving more than 510 franchised new car and truck retailers throughout New Jersey. Auto retailing is a $30 Billion a year business in New Jersey, employing nearly 35,000 men and women and representing more than $1.5 Billion in State and local taxes.

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