PR Newswire Launches FlashResults Template to Simplify Earnings News Releases

Companies seeking ways to be more transparent in their earnings news releases can now rely on FlashResults™, a free and optional quick view template of key performance indicators located at the top of an earnings news release, launched today by PR Newswire.

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Available in time for the October earnings period, FlashResults simplifies the often time-consuming process faced by the media of trying to locate the important numbers when companies report their quarterly and year-end numbers in long news releases. It enables a company to give a quick snapshot of their earnings numbers in an easy to read template located under the headline of an earnings news release. PR Newswire clients have the option of using a standard template -- sales, net income, average shares outstanding and earnings per share depicting current quarter, year ago quarter and year-to-date figures -- or creating their own custom template allowing them to determine the row and column headings and the applicable numbers they are required to report.

"FlashResults will facilitate the speed at which important company news is absorbed by the media, the general public, and the individual and institutional investor," said John M. Williams, executive vice president of Global Markets, PR Newswire. "By enhancing the clarity of the earnings news release while still providing an in-depth analysis, companies will reassure their publics that they are willing and able to be more transparent."

FlashResults is being offered as an optional, no-charge addition to an earnings news release and will require the client to input their own numbers into the template themselves through PR Newswire's password-protected customer extranet.

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