Online Media Sites Upgrade to Carry Photos and Logos from PR Newswire

More than 100 online news sites carrying news releases from PR Newswire customers have been upgraded to display photos and logos within the releases, PR Newswire announced today.

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The initiative to include multimedia content on prominent media portals like the Dallas Morning News , Hollywood Reporter ( ), and Portland, Ore., NBC affiliate KGW-TV ( ) follows a similar improvement to PR Newswire's feed to CBS Marketwatch ( ) in 2002.

"Issuers of news releases are increasingly supplementing textual information with graphics, executive portraits, location photography and logos to tell their story in pictures as well as words," said David B. Armon, president of PR Newswire Americas. "In the same way newspapers use graphics to attract attention, online sites are very receptive to any content that will make their sites more engaging and helpful to consumers."

PR Newswire introduced "Media Microsites" in 1995 to find additional audiences for its clients' news releases and to provide real-time, market-moving content to news sites that, in many cases, were only updated with fresh editorial material weekly or daily. Media Microsites, which are built and hosted by PR Newswire, are customized to match the look and feel as the existing home site.

The content on each microsite can be characterized by state, industry or subject code and is automatically updated as news releases are transmitted over PR Newswire. Media organizations seeking more information about adding PR Newswire content to their sites should email .

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