PR Newswire and Studio Systems, Inc. Partner to Deliver Real-Time Entertainment News via Studio Systems' Web-based Applications

PR Newswire and Studio Systems, Inc., the single most trusted source for unique and verified information and research for the Film and Television industries for over 15 years, announced today that Studio Systems, Inc. has launched a live data feed provided by PR Newswire.

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Studio Systems delivers complete, accurate digital data to entertainment executives, professionals and companies that serve in the entertainment industry and also develops tools that help entertainment industry companies manage their internal research. The live feed delivers targeted film and television news from PR Newswire's entertainment clients to subscribers of The Studio System and In Hollywood as it is disseminated by PR Newswire. Within the next two months, PR Newswire's clients' content will also be fully integrated into, and searchable from within, the Studio Systems' research applications.

This new partnership with PR Newswire enhances Studio Systems' current marketplace leadership in delivering timely information to film and television industry professionals and advances the company's extensive information resources and database.

Studio Systems' CEO and President, Kelyn Brannon-Ahn reported, "Incorporating the PR Newswire content into our database applications is just the first of a number of new initiatives we have been working on to ensure that we continue to anticipate and meet the needs of the leading industry professionals that comprise our client base."

"We maintain our leading marketplace position by continuously seeking to identify opportunities to enhance and improve our products' features, functionality and data scope," Brannon-Ahn added.

PR Newswire Americas President, Dave Armon, added, "We are excited to provide additional distribution of our entertainment clients' content to the subscribers of Studio Systems' web-based applications and information services." Armon added, "The addition of this content will benefit entertainment industry decision makers by providing real-time entertainment news directly from the major players in the industry."

In addition to the live feed, the PR Newswire information will be archived, searchable and integrated into the Studio Systems' database that is readily available to development executives, industry writers, agents and research and story departments 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in the world.

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SOURCE: PR Newswire; Studio Systems, Inc.

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