PR Newswire Notes Passing of David H. Durbin, News and Public Relations Veteran

PR Newswire noted today the passing of news and public relations veteran David H. Durbin, retired bureau manager of PR Newswire's Detroit office. He died of cancer Tuesday, Feb. 25 at his home in Southfield, MI. He was 71.

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Mr. Durbin, former assistant editor of business and financial news at The Detroit News, was hired in the late 1970s by Jim Brams, former president of InterMedia Group, to work as an editor for the Press Relations Newswire, one of four regional commercial newswires owned by the InterMedia Group. PR Newswire acquired InterMedia Group in 1984 and Mr. Durbin was promoted to Detroit Bureau Manager, a position he held until his retirement in 1992.

One of the first people to join the commercial newswire industry with a news background, Mr. Durbin was well-known throughout the Detroit area for his keen editorial "eye." Some of Mr. Durbin's colleagues and friends remember him fondly:

David Steinberg, retired President and Chief Executive Officer of PR Newswire

"Durbin was the archetypical old newspaper deskman, the kind who agreed with the crusty editors' adage, 'If your mother tells you she loves you -- check it out!'."

Jim Brams, iCD Media, Atlanta (former president of InterMedia Group)

"Dave Durbin was an editor's editor. He was strictly Old School in the use of the English language and knew his craft thoroughly. He made many friends over the years at PR Newswire's Detroit bureau by being that 'second pair of eyes' to scan a news release -- and catch the obvious error that so many others had missed. And he was all tact when he got back to the client to amend or correct the error. I learned much from Dave over the years and considered him one of my closest friends. As such, he continued to edit my words long after I left Detroit."

John McCandless, Toyota's Midwest PR Manager, formerly with Chrysler and American Motors

"David was one of the true pros in the PR and news business. He saved me many a time, by calling and suggesting a grammatical change, or a rewording of a paragraph in a news release, always offering the change as 'a suggestion.' I incorporated every one."

Tom Houston, Former Chrysler Corporation News Relations Manager

"Dave was the unsung hero of the communications business in Detroit. His editing skills and dedication to the proper use of the language saved many a PR professional from looking or sounding dumb. He rescued me more than once."

Toni Gregory, PR Newswire, Atlanta Bureau Manager,

"Dave's nickname at PRN was 'Dr. Detroit' and he was as masterful in handling words as any basketball star on the court. His keen wit and razor sharp intellect made him a joy to be around. There were no sacred cows for Dave, and everything was grist for his mill. It wasn't unusual to laugh so hard you actually cried when Dave got into full swing. He was a 'doctor' all right, and the fun you had when you were around him was a tonic for your soul. Although I hadn't talked with him much since he retired, I will truly miss him, and count myself so fortunate that he passed my way and we were friends."

PR Newswire's staff expresses their sincere condolences to the family of David Durbin.

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