PR Newswire Launches Global Translation Services

Following years of success translating its members' news releases into various languages for international distribution, PR Newswire has officially launched its global Translation Services Group, to help companies and organizations connect with global audiences through all means of communication, in-language and in-culture.


"PR Newswire has been translating news releases for its customers as part of their distribution to global media for many years," said Patricia Canary, Vice President of International Services for PR Newswire. "Our clients in the United States would no more think of sending a news release in English to Latin America than our Brazilian clients would send one in Portuguese to major media in the U.S."

The creation of the Translation Services Group in the U.S. in January, 2002, marked the first time PR Newswire offered these types of services beyond its customary offering of news release translations, which are included with global distributions. The company has been slowly growing the business since its launch and is now able to offer the service on an international level.

"It has opened new doors for us to work with professionals in other disciplines such as marketing, advertising, human resources, legal and many more," said Canary. "Now we have the added capability to translate documents such as marketing materials, speeches, human resources bulletins, white papers, brochures, letters, websites, advertising copy, legal documents, training aids, political campaign messages, and others, on a global scale. As an example, almost a dozen companies in Mexico have used PR Newswire to translate their annual reports from Spanish into English for their shareholders in the United States."

"PR Newswire played a key role in the fast ramp and ongoing operation of the new EE Times' local-language web sites we launched in German and French earlier this year," said Richard Wallace, VP, editorial director of CMP Electronics group. "The Translation Services Group has consistently met our tight on-line news deadlines and our demanding, technically accurate translation requirements."

Colleen Pizarev, PR Newswire's director of International Operations, who heads the Translation Services Group, said that PR Newswire can translate documents into or from more than 150 languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

"Not only do we provide excellent quality, we also can provide rapid turnaround time including emergency or crisis translations when needed," Pizarev said.

Information on translations can be provided by any of PR Newswire's 14 global bureaus or by calling Colleen Pizarev at 408-993-0371 or Gina Amaro, PR Newswire's Director of International Markets, at 800-355-4774 or 305-507-2576.

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