PR Newswire Offers Profiles of Organizations Exhibiting at the 29th Annual National Educational Computing Conference

As the exclusive official breaking news service of The 29th Annual National Educational Computing Conference (NECC 2008), PR Newswire is featuring profiles of the exhibiting organizations. To read these profiles, please see below.


NECC 2008 will be held June 29 - July 2 in San Antonio, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. For more information regarding NECC 2008, visit

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Exhibitor profiles (all profiles have been provided by the profiled company):

  Company: ANGEL Learning, Inc.
  Booth Number: 2266
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Lynn Zingraf, Director of Marketing
  Phone: ANGEL Learning (317) 333-7300; At the show (317) 201-0890

ANGEL Learning develops and markets the ANGEL Learning Management Suite (LMS) ( of internet-based tools for delivering classes online and web-enhancing traditional instruction. Founded in 2000, ANGEL Learning emerged from research and teaching experience at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Today ANGEL serves millions of students and instructors from K to corporate.

  Recognized for innovation, the ANGEL LMS balances ease of use with
  powerful capabilities to deliver 21st Century teaching and learning:
  -- Deliver professional development online.
  -- Power virtual schools.
  -- Provide parents online access to their children's grades, assignments,
  -- Enrich traditional instruction with 24/7 accessibility and engaging
     collaboration features.
  -- Align content and measure student success against State standards.
  -- Automate routine tasks and differentiate instruction.

  Company: Aspen Learning, Inc.
  Booth Number: 850
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Carleen LeVasseur
  Phone: (408) 264-6767

Aspen Learning, Inc. created the OpenClassroom Server. OpenClassroom Server is affordable appliance for K-12 classroom, computer lab or school use that combines learning management tools, collaborative software and personal storage space to support the development of 21st century skills and learning. The self-contained, robust server supports up to 200 students, and is simple to set up, use and maintain (a model that supports up to 1000 students will be available in Fall 2008). It delivers a suite of web 2.0 applications to facilitate safe, private collaboration and communication, and operates in a networked environment from any browser-based device without requiring an open Internet connection.

Founded in 2007, the private company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For more information, visit

  Company: Aventa Learning
  Booth Number: 5057
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Pamela Kislak
  Phone: (503) 731-5404

Aventa Learning offers one of the largest catalogs of online courses, including core, electives and world language courses for grades 6-12, as well as Advanced Placement and credit recovery courses. More than 1,000 virtual schools, charter schools, districts, and state education departments rely on Aventa to offer expanded educational opportunities to their students, help at-risk students succeed, and accommodate students' unique scheduling needs, without adding staff or classrooms. During NECC, Aventa is introducing significant enhancements to its online credit recovery program to support ELL students and provide schools with greater flexibility in program implementation. Aventa's credit recovery program helps schools address the challenges of improving student achievement on high-stakes tests and reducing dropout rates, particularly when state and federal governments are considering changes to the way graduation rates are calculated.

  Company: Califone International, Inc.
  Booth Number: 9953/9955
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Tim Ridgway
  Phone: (800) 772-0500

Founded in 1947, Califone continues to be a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of audiovisual and supplemental curriculum products for use in education, presentation and professional markets. The company offers a complete line of audio solutions, wireless systems and multimedia products for any presentation needs. Highlighting the company's efforts to encourage the responsible use of personal audio technology, Califone staff will discuss two new products during NECC that warn educators of potentially harmful volume levels. They will also highlight the Califone MP3 Player, which allows for multiple listeners and has a microphone for podcast recording, the AV Tutor, a digital device to help students master literacy skills and the Infrared Audio System, which allows for greater coverage and reception with the added benefits of two non-powered array speakers.

  Company: CCC! Video on Demand
  Booth Number: 9131-9133
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Donald Liebenson
  Phone: (800) 288-4456

Designed, and developed by New Dimension Media, CCC! Video on Demand is an Intranet system that comes pre-loaded with more than 2,500 educational video programs. CCC! is introducing at NECC version 2.5, available now for the 2008-2009 school year. CCC! goes beyond video on demand with such exclusive features as "Classroom Live," a webcast system that facilitates distance learning for homebound students and for when schools are forced to close. CCC! is also the first VOD system to be compatible with iTunes. With its innovative technology and superior content, CCC! is strengthening its commitment to provide educators with the resources to supplement their curriculum. Founded in 1978 and based in Chicago, NDM is one of the leading distributors of K-12 core curriculum video content to schools and public libraries.

  Company:  Chester Creek
  Booth Number: 8259
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Kathryn Pomroy
  Phone: 888-214-5450

Chester Creek is the premier designer and manufacturer of innovative specialty keyboards and mice for children and people with special needs. Our unique products are RoHS compliant and distributed around the globe.

  Company: CompassLearning
  Booth Number: 2210
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Eleanor Bowman
  Phone: (512) 413-5278

CompassLearning is a leading research-based technology solutions company that produces educational assessment, innovative curriculum, and management tools for grades K-12, all of which are aligned to state and national standards. CompassLearning delivers advancements in the educational arena by weaving together sound educational pedagogy with technological developments that allows all students to have a learning experience personalized to their needs.

Odyssey, our flagship K-12 software-based curriculum, automatically assesses each student's understanding of key objectives. Based on this assessment, a student is prescribed a personalized learning path filled with engaging activities. The time-consuming task of monitoring and measuring students' success is made easier with Odyssey's wide variety of reporting features.

Corporate Mission Statement

CompassLearning is dedicated to facilitating student success by collaborating with educators to deliver personalized learning experiences.

  Company: Discovery Education
  Booth Number: 8155
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Stephen Wakefield
  Phone: (240) 662-2893

Discovery Communications revolutionized television with the Discovery Channel and is now transforming classrooms through Discovery Education. Powered by the #1 non-fiction media company in the world, Discovery Education combines scientifically proven, standards-based digital media and a dynamic user community in order to empower teachers to improve student achievement. Already, more than half of U.S. schools use Discovery Education digital services. The company provides educators and students access to high-quality digital resources that enhance lesson plans and engage learners. During NECC, Discovery Education executives will highlight company initiatives serving a greater community of educators and administrators dedicated to leveraging the power of technology and digital content to build student interest in topics across the curriculum.

  Company: ePals
  Booth Number: 4029
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Rebecca Kilduff
  Phone: (703) 885-3400

Founded in 1996 and merged with In2Books in 2006, ePals offers K-12 students and educators around the world a safe environment for building and exchanging knowledge based on protected connectivity tools, evidence-based curricula, and authentic, collaborative learning experiences. The ePals Global Learning Community™ is the largest online community of K-12 learners, enabling more than 325,000 educators and 126,000 classrooms across 200 countries and territories to safely connect, exchange ideas and work together. ePals is especially committed to providing educational opportunities in under-resourced environments worldwide through the ePals Foundation. During NECC, ePals executives will highlight company efforts to offer educators and students improved user experiences and greater functionality throughout the Global Community, including the launch of a new website to support community members.

  Company: Excelsior Software
  Booth Number: 8158
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Eileen Demers
  Phone: (800) 473-4572

Based in Greeley, Colo., Excelsior Software is committed to raising student achievement by providing immediate access to performance information, increasing teacher productivity and improving communication. As the pioneer of the electronic gradebook concept in 1986, the company's experience in assessment management supports educators by delivering the technical innovations that meet the needs of today's evolving data-driven educational system. Now part of the Knowledge Universe family of companies, Excelsior Software executives will introduce a vastly expanded version of the company's Pinnacle Suite. Offering the tools and functionality that educators and administrators need to fully manage each student's learning environment, this new version provides access to the assessment and analytic tools users depend on, paired with features that align instructional practice with research to improve student achievement.

  Company:  Facts4Me
  Booth Number: 8028
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Sandra Morgan
  Phone: (800) 515-0087

Facts4Me is an online reference site designed for elementary level readers. Facts4Me is designed, written and maintained by teachers. Facts4Me is ad-free, secure and safe! There are currently 45 topics and over 650 pages of non-fiction reports. Each report is loaded with dynamic pictures, easy to read charts and informative text. Facts4Me is guaranteed to engage readers of all levels.

Facts4Me is available via subscriptions. A twelve-month school site license is only $50.00. A school site license allows students and staff in one building to access Facts4Me from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday for twelve months. For $20, a family/teacher has unlimited access for twelve months.

       NECC conference special:  FREE access for the month of July!
         Visit booth #8028 and pick up your User ID and Password.

  Company: Fourier Systems
  Booth Number: 5254
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Brian DeSoto
  Phone: (708) 203-4321

Established in 1989, Fourier Systems is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of compact portable data-logging devices, accessories and 1:1 computing solutions for the education market. Comprising a wide range of sensors, user-friendly software and relevant curriculum material, the company's products embody its commitment to quality and innovation. Discussing the new features, functions and design of the next device in the Nova product line, executives from Fourier Systems will highlight the company's efforts to provide students worldwide with access to tools to build their science and math skills. The company's many probes, multimedia and data analysis software, data loggers, and the Nova line offer educational organizations the technology support they need to augment their curriculum with fully functional math and science programs.

  Company: Funds For Learning, LLC
  Booth Number: 7031/7033
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Scott Weston
  Phone: (405) 471-0953

Funds For Learning, LLC, is an E-rate compliance firm specializing in guiding E-rate applicants and service providers through the complex and ever-changing E-rate regulatory process. With more than 10 years of experience in providing professional advice and assistance relating to the E-rate program, Funds For Learning exists to provide high-quality solutions for the needs of E-rate stakeholders. Every year a select number of E-rate applicants have been subjected to random audits for past years' processes and receipts. To help schools and districts prepare for this scenario, Funds For Learning announces the addition of a new tool to its E-rate Manager for Applicants. Designed to assist applicants in their pursuit of E-rate funding, the online suite of tools will now help schools and districts adequately prepare for an audit.

  Company:  Generation YES
  Booth Number: 7148
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Sylvia Martinez
  Phone: (888) 941-4369 x107

Generation YES is an innovative publisher of online and print curriculum materials that teach and empower K-12 students to solve technology problems in their schools and communities. With a strong research base and 12 years of experience, Generation YES programs offer win-win solutions that benefit everyone. These include: GenYES (students helping teachers with classroom technology), TechYES (student technology literacy certification and peer mentoring), and TechYES Science (student technology literacy certification through science projects).

Generation YES offers school-friendly online tools, innovative project-based curriculum, and customized support to schools seeking to include students as leaders, mentors, and collaborators in technology integration and literacy efforts.

New for Fall 2008 -- GenYES 2.0. Web-based tools and 20+ units of technology curriculum for student-led, student-powered school technology support.

  Company: mimio
  Booth Number: 2254
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Stephanie Fallon
  Phone: (617) 729-3176

  Make any whiteboard interactive

Unlike conventional interactive whiteboard technology, mimio products use a small piece of hardware to make any whiteboard interactive. When connected to your computer and projector, mimio Interactive gives you control over your computer at the whiteboard. Browse the web, run CDROM content or other software for the whole class to see.

mimio Studio software makes it easy to create and present your own engaging, interactive lessons. Studio 6 supports multimedia content such as video, audio and Flash files and includes a content gallery for fast lesson creation. Add mimio ink Capture to capture dry-erase marker notes as digital files.

Award-winning mimio systems are a fraction of the cost of conventional interactive whiteboard products, making it possible for schools to afford more students the benefits of interactive learning.

  Company: MIND Research Institute
  Booth Number: 4037
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Julie Gates
  Phone: (562) 682-4518

The non-profit education researcher MIND Research Institute will launch at NECC a strong math intervention program for students in grades 8 and above. Available now, "Algebra Readiness," was developed by the neuroscience and education-research-based publisher as a one-year intervention for every state to rebuild a solid math foundation for struggling students to prepare them for success in Algebra I. The curriculum includes its award-winning ST Math™ software that helps students visualize and practice math concepts, which is integrated with a fully-featured textbook. The learning sequence and distinctive diagrams of its textbook explain and interconnect essential math concepts and skills from grades 2 through 7, needed for success in Algebra I. Call now for an appointment to meet the program's author and Co-founder of MIND Research during NECC on June 30.

  Company: OverDrive School Download Library
  Booth Number: 6030/6032
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: David Burleigh
  Phone: (716) 573-6886

OverDrive® School Download Library™ supplements your school library with eBook and audiobook downloads for K-12! It's the books students need in formats they want. Students can read and listen to books on their PC, handheld and MP3 player -- downloaded from your school's website, so your library never closes. The 600+ curriculum-based and leisure titles cover all subjects from math to history and foreign language, with titles like Eragon, Ella Enchanted and Twilight, and authors such as Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut and William Shakespeare. For more information, visit OverDrive also serves more than 7500 public libraries worldwide.

  Company:  OWI Incorporated
  Booth Number: 5269
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Barbara Stracner
  Phone: (714) 891-3660

OWI Incorporated was founded in 1978 as a loudspeaker manufacturer. The company's pioneering lines of outdoor/indoor and weatherized speakers are considered the industry standard. As a company, OWI is dedicated to research and development. This emphasis has led to a full product line of award-winning, sophisticated audio equipment for the AV integrators, commercial, industrial and residential markets.

The newest offering is a wall-mounted Infrared Wireless Microphone System for classrooms, boardrooms, training rooms and meeting rooms. Through internal R & D efforts, OWI has created many breakthrough products including Self-Amplified Ceiling and Trumpet Speakers, 70 Volt In-wall Amps and compact, in-wall mounted Control Center and Media Center control modules.

  Company: PBS
  Booth Number: 8040/8042
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Kevin Dando
  Phone: (703)739-5073

PBS Teachers provides a Web portal to PBS' rich array of instructional resources and services for preK-12 educators, and presents information on effective ways to use multimedia and technology in school and home learning environments. PBS Teachers offers thousands of free local and national standards-based lesson plans, classroom activities and interactive resources as well as online professional development courses through PBS TeacherLine. During NECC, PBS is introducing an online community for teachers, librarians, technology coordinators, and other educators that supports the advancement of digital media content and technology integration in education. PBS TeacherLine teamed up recently with the San Antonio Independent School District to help technology lead teachers enhance their knowledge and skills, and to prepare them for training colleagues. The results of the professional development initiative to date will be announced.

  Company: Sebit, LLC
  Booth Number: 9060
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Peggy Lanier
  Phone: (405) 258-7328

Sebit, LLC, enhances math and science instruction for teachers and students in the middle grades through Adaptive Curriculum. Aligned to national and state standards, Adaptive Curriculum offers an online library of high-quality, interactive Math and Science Activity Objects. Visually engaging, individualized lessons effectively teach students with a variety of learning styles and abilities, through three-dimensional simulations, experiments, games, and problem-solving activities designed to improve knowledge and critical thinking skills in math and science. Representatives will discuss the success four Arizona schools experienced with Adaptive Curriculum as part of a pilot program last Spring. Implemented in partnership with Arizona State University, a research study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of using web-based technology to motivate and engage students in math and science.

  Company: SoftChalk
  Booth Number: 9939, 9941
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Steven Saltzberg
  Phone: (877) 638-2425

SoftChalk LessonBuilder allows instructors to easily create and edit interactive content for the e-learning classroom. With SoftChalk, instructors can create web lessons with text annotations, multiple choice and true/false questions, and activities such as flash cards, matching, timelines, crosswords and labeling. Instructors can deliver their lessons on a school web server, on classroom computers, on a classroom interactive white board, or in a learning management system.

Come to our Special SoftChalk Presentations by 10-year-old Adora Svitak. Adora has been known as a "literary prodigy" since her first published book, Flying Fingers which contains stories, poems and a manual for teachers to encourage kids to write. Adora will demonstrate interactive web pages she created using SoftChalk.

Register To Win a Dell Laptop Computer! We'll also be raffling SoftChalk licenses, and books by Adora.

  Company: Software Technology, Inc.
  Booth Number: 4234
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Jenna Wood
  Phone: (800) 844-0884 ext.1003

STI offers fully integrated, scalable K-12 education data management solutions, including systems for student information, assessment, special education, and financial data. STI is adding online courses in formative assessment and data analysis to STI Achievement Services, a comprehensive professional development and consulting service offering that helps schools overcome achievement shortfalls. School use of formative assessment continues to increase as a growing body of research indicates it improves student learning. Yet, many classroom teachers have not been trained to use assessment data effectively to modify instruction and accelerate student progress. A recent report on Alabama's use of STI Assessment, the company's Web-based formative assessment system, stated that more students met or exceeded state reading and math standards when taught with STI Assessment than those in statewide groups not using STI.

  Company: Sunburst Technology
  Booth Number: 5230
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Julie Gates
  Phone: (562) 682-4518

Leading educational software publisher Sunburst Technology will preview at NECC its new keyboarding instructional software, "Type to Learn™ 4: Agents of Information," coming this fall. The program is the most comprehensive keyboarding program for students in grades K to 12. An all-new title in Sunburst's best-selling Type to Learn software series, the program individualizes instruction with 3-D animation and modern accessibility and customization features. Students can download the program over the Internet and access it anytime for homework or practice. This product wraps touch-type keyboarding instruction into an intriguing, futuristic world of adventure and information, where students are recruited as agents to help save vital information from being lost forever. It includes 36 leveled lessons. Call now for an appointment to meet Sunburst's director of development during NECC on June 30.

  Company: TaskStream
  Booth Number: 9067
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: Lyn Cooperman
  Phone: (212) 868-2700

  TaskStream -- Advancing Educational Excellence

For over a decade, TaskStream has pioneered advancements in educational excellence. TaskStream empowers excellence and helps schools meet performance challenges with our innovative and flexible web-based tools that enhance community, collaboration, and student-centered learning. Our Accountability Management System (AMS) provides an efficient, effective way to document, analyze and manage performance on the school, district and state level. Our Learning Achievement Tools (LAT) support students and teachers with innovative web-based systems for portfolio-based learning and assessment, instructional design, and other tools that facilitate real-time learning. TaskStream is committed to providing reliable, flexible, on-demand tools and world class support to our clients. We are focused on creating teaching and learning communities where a culture of continuous improvement and institutional effectiveness is sustained through efficient, affordable tools.

  Booth Number: 966
  Web URL:
  Media Relations Contact: John Stuppy
  Phone: (410) 988-2024
  Email: is the world's leading online tutoring company with over 300,000 registered users. We bring convenient, affordable, high-quality personalized tutoring to students who couldn't access it before. For a simple subscription fee of $99.99/month K-12 and college students get unlimited live tutoring in over 20 subjects, 24x7. Students can schedule sessions with their preferred tutors and get instant, on-demand tutoring too. Get as much tutoring each month as you need for one flat fee. Most of our employee tutors have master's or Ph.D. degrees and 5-10 years teaching experience. Students work with their tutor one-on-one from the convenience and security of home. Tutor and student talk to each other naturally using voice (VoIP) and share an interactive whiteboard to work problems, simulations, assessments and other tasks.

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