Content Marketing Must-Haves: Inventiveness, Experimentation and Data
New white paper from PR Newswire and Content Marketing Institute explores the habits of effective content marketers and lessons to be learned in building out content promotion strategies.
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NEW YORK, Dec. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Content marketing, content marketing, content marketing ... it's like a mandate that suddenly came down from on high and has been the buzzword for the past five years. The truth is, content marketing has existed in some form or another for as long as the written word has been used in communication, and it is a discipline yet to be perfected. It is perhaps best viewed, then, as the strategic combination of the efforts of marketing and public relations -- though the content may in fact be sourced from all quarters of an organization.

With nearly every brand engaged at some level in content marketing and the ever changing nature of technology, it can be difficult to discern at a glance the common practices of effective and successful content marketers. PR Newswire and Content Marketing Institute partnered to conduct a survey of marketing professionals on their content promotion and distribution strategies. The survey revealed some key areas that distinguish leaders from "laggers" when it comes to content promotion strategy:

  • Variety is the spice of ... content marketing success. Those who rate their content marketing efforts as "most effective" also distribute and promote more content types across paid, owned and earned channels than their less effective counterparts.
  • Using old tactics in new ways. Least effective marketers take a more staid approach to their channel strategy, often miring their efforts in "tradition." Leaders in the space use a wider variety of channels, and explore use of traditional channels in new ways -- an example would be this press release as a vehicle to promote this research and white paper.
  • Investing where and when it matters. There is no question that success relies on a mix of paid, owned and earned promotion. The most effective content marketers outspend their peers, in large part because they have the data and measurement needed to understand where their budget will have the most impact.

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