Cision PR Newswire Announces Premium Visibility Reports With Web Conversions
The feature will provide communicators clear, actionable data about the success of their press releases

CHICAGO, July 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Cision PR Newswire announced Premium Visibility Reports with Web Conversions, transforming how PR professionals measure press release success. Communicators can now understand where their press release goes, learn about the people who read it, and track the specific actions their audiences take to fully demonstrate the impact of their press releases. Learn more about Premium Visibility Reports with Web Conversions here.

"The press release continues to serve as a staple for journalism and is arguably still the most trusted way for PR professionals to reach their target media," said Brendon O'Donovan, Head of Global Product Marketing at Cision. "Including Web Conversions in our Premium Visibility Reports is an exciting addition to Cision's leading PR measurement technology, helping to align PR metrics with business outcomes. The development of this proprietary technology is just one more way Cision can help communicators prove the power of PR."

PR Newswire's new Premium Visibility Reports with Web Conversions uncover the downstream actions of readers with tangible metrics that empower communicators to demonstrate the impact of their press release. The reports now allow communicators to:

  • Accurately define the true reach of your press release. Cision's proprietary technology pulls from vast data ecosystems to track and validate the online views of your press release. Differentiate unique vs. repeat visitors and know exactly how many people read your press release on and across partner websites.
  • Get to know your audience. Learn more about the specific people who read and engage with your press releases. Analyze demographic and firmographic data, uncover the media outlets and organizations that received your release and pinpoint the exact locations where your audiences are located.
  • Track the specific actions your audiences take. Receive detailed analytics to measure press release performance. Access top-of-funnel metrics like click-through data, social media engagement, multimedia plays and document downloads. Dive deeper and uncover how audiences interact with your brand's website after they read your press release.
  • Measure your performance. Compile your press release performance results into intelligent and interactive reports so it's easy to assess, adapt, and benchmark your communications strategy.

Premium Visibility Reports with Web Conversions is now available in the U.S. and Canada. Learn more here.

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