Elgar Welch

President, CisionOne

Elgar Welch is President of CisionOne and leads the company's global media monitoring division. Elgar joined Cision in April 2022 from Streem where he served as co-founder and CEO, leading the business from start-up to funding and through to acquisition, and overseeing an operation that grew to 150+ staff and over 700 customers across the APAC region. Before founding Streem, he was an adviser in the Office of the Prime Minister (Australia), an experience that served as a driving force behind the creation of Streem for the PR and Communications market.

Today at Cision, he is charged with the global roll-out of CisionOne, our market-leading media monitoring, analytics, and reporting platform. He oversees the Sales, Product, Engineering, Upgrades, and Media Data functions of CisionOne, enabling them to build out a highly-tuned, customer-driven platform – a philosophy that has been carried through from the success of Streem in the APAC region.

He resides in Sydney, Australia, travels often, and in his downtime spends a great deal of time either sailing on his city's harbor or skiing at the nearest ski field depending on the season or where he's located.