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The Dutch News Agency was formed in 1935 and has been the Dutch distributor for PR Newswire since 1996. PR Newswire acquired 50 per cent of the Dutch national news agency's news release distribution division Pers Support in June 2001.

The Athens News Agency (ANA) is the national news agency of Greece and provides PR Newswire with distribution in the Mediterranean. Founded in 1895 as a private company, the Stefanopoli Telegraphic Agency, the Greek State assumed its subsidization in 1906, at which time it acquired its present name.

Belga, founded 80 years ago, became the first European newsroom to use a computer-based word processing system in 1981. Three years later Belga journalists were the first to file to the newsroom direct from the field using portable PCs. Belga distributes in Dutch, French and English for PR Newswire.

Baltic News Service (BNS) is the only pan-Baltic news agency. It operates as a main source of local information in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and runs reporting bureaus also in Moscow, Kaliningrad, Warsaw and Stockholm.  BNS has a staff of 150 and distributes 600 - 700 news items daily, in five languages. Apart from the local languages, BNS news is also available in English and Russian.  BNS is a private and independent news agency co-owned by major Swedish and American media groups (Bonnier and Dow Jones) as well as by local Baltic shareholders.

CTK (The Czech national news agency) formed in 1818, provides its services to the vast majority of Czech and significant Slovak media as well as to state offices and public institutions. It has been a PR Newswire affiliate since 1999.

Europa Press is Spain's largest privately owned news agency. Formed in 1957, Europa Press started a commercial side in 1995. The agency has undergone rapid expansion in recent years and provides PR Newswire with distribution throughout Spain

Immediapress is part of Adnkronos Comunicazione, a PR Agency belonging to Adnkronos Group, Italy’s largest privately owned News Agency and Media Group.
Established to create a complete digital connection between press offices across Italy and Adnkronos news agency, Immediapress issues news releases and pictures for PR Newswire via its multichannel digital circuit that includes: the Adnkronos wire network, Immediapress' web site and its network that consists of 11,000 web s ites, 350,000 email alerts diffused daily, the Teletext of Mediaset Television and Wap. Its web site contains a press release archive and an e-mail alert system that reaches more than 3,000 journalists and 5,000 business and finance advisers.

Headquartered in Moscow ITAR-TASS was formerly the Soviet Union's official news agency. It provides PR Newswire with translation into Russian and distribution throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States, Georgia and three independent Baltic nations.

news aktuell was founded in 1989 and has been part of the dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur group since 1994. dpa is one of the leading German news agencies with more than 50 offices in Germany and around the globe. news aktuell has offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Berlin. For serving the Swiss market, news aktuell operates a joint venture with the Swiss national news agency SDA with an office in Zurich. The Austrian market is served by APA OTS, the distribution company of the National Austrian news agency APA. news aktuell's product range includes text, photo and audio news release distribution, as well as disclosure wire.

PAP, Poland's official news agency, was established in 1918. It became an affiliate of PR Newswire in 1999.

The Press Association (PA News) is the national news agency for the United Kingdom and Ireland and has been supplying the British and Irish media with a comprehensive news and sports wire since 1868. With over 500 staff reporters and freelancers, PA News generates up to 2000 stories per day. PR Newswire currently has an arrangement to use the PA to issue verbatim news releases.

TASR, the official national news agency of the Slovak Republic, supplies news and pictures from on PR Newswire domestic and international political life, economy and sports to all eleven dailies, television and radio stations, as well as to 150 non-media clients. TASR-Slovakia, as a public institution, was founded in 1992 - a few months prior to the split of the former Czecho-Slovak Republic in January 1993.

Edmundo dos Santos and Lucilia Filipe run UNS Portugal in Lisbon, providing PR Newswire distribution in Portuguese.